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Acwagro Centre Pivot Alarm Systems

System Functioning:

The alarm system protects the over-head cable of the centre pivot. Any change in the status or illegal opening of the alarm panel will raise an alarm. One of three reporting numbers is phoned consecutively. The stored voice clip is replayed upon answering of the call. There are three voice events: Cable tamper, Door opening and Critical battery level.

The system will start phoning the first number on the list. If this number is not available the system will jump to the next number on the list. If this is answered the system will jump to the third number on the list, once this is answered it will retry the first number, if this number is still unavailable,
a SMS text message is sent to that number. This operation is valid for all the stored numbers.

The alarm also monitors the pivot and will SMS a message when the pivot starts or stops to the first person on the list. A log is kept for all events, which is retrievable via sms message.

The system was designed with a gain antenna. The alarm system was designed to mount on
top of the pivot for security reasons and better signal.

The system was purposefully designed for centre pivots and NOT as a general alarm system.
The alarm is locally made by Digital Supervision Systems, specializing in centre pivot control

The events logged are:

  1. Cable alarm
  2. Door alarm.
  3. Arming.
  4. Disarming.
  5. Low battery.
  6. Low or no signal.

Centre Pivot AlarmsHardware:

  1. On-board GSM module.
  2. Battery backup (up to 4 hours before low battery warning).
  3. Voice storage device.
  4. Cable resistance comparator.
  5. Small DIN-rail mounted unit.
  6. Battery extender unit with internal charger and battery.


  1. Multi-tasking, real-time operating system, microprocessor control.
  2. Twelve level deep event history log with date and time.
  3. 24Hr test message, indicating system status, signal strength, etc.
  4. Panel door close reminder audible warning.
  5. Three reporting numbers.
  6. Cellular signal monitoring.

1 year warranty against manufacturing faults only.
Operator's instruction manual.